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Q: Are systems ready for purchase?
A: Yes. We are accepting orders and building systems as quickly as we can on a per order basis. However, due to the high demand for StarFire controllers, orders placed after May 2014 will not be delivered until later this fall or the beginning of 2015. New StarFire systems will be built in the order that a deposit was received. In the future we expect to have systems available for immediate delivery.
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Q: What is the estimated lead time to for a StarFire controller?
A: Current lead time is a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. However, lead times fluctuate based on the volume of orders and the availability of parts.
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Q: Are StarFire modules available for purchase?
A: Yes, modules are available for immediate delivery.
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Q: Is a deposit required to place an order?
A: Yes. We require a 50% deposit to secure your order position and to begin production. The balance plus the cost of shipping is due once your order is ready to ship.
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Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, check, PayPal, Visa, Master Card and Discover. Listed prices reflect a 3% discount for cash or check payments. For credit cards or PayPal, this discount will be removed.
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Q: Do you have a StarFire manual available?
A: Yes, we have a detailed full-color manual that makes using the StarFire system easy for all users whether you're a beginner or seasoned pyro. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the manual. We are also happy to answer any other sales or technical questions that you may have.
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Q: Do I need more than two (2) communication channels for my StarFire controller?
A: Each communication channel will run approximately 32 StarFire modules depending on the distance from the controller. The channels are completely independent, so having additional channels will allow more separation of the modules. If a wire is shorted or otherwise is damaged during a show, fewer modules will lose a connection to the controller. This will ensure that more of your display fires in the event of cable damage.
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Q: Can the system be upgraded at a later point if desired?
A: Yes, additional communication channels can be added at a later time. However, your controller must be returned to us for upgrades.
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Q: How many modules can be shot on a single trunk line?
A: Every situation varies a little, but we test 9 modules at the end of 1000 feet of 22 AWG wire as part of our QA process. For the MPAG display at the 2010 PGI convention, 15 modules were fired from a single 500 foot run of 22 AWG shoot wire; the farthest module being approximately 700 feet from the controller. It is common that 20 to 25 modules will be able to be fired at 500 feet. Within the StarFire controller's module status screen, the user will see during set-up if there are too many modules on a single trunk line. This allows them to adjust the wiring before the show.
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Q: Q: How far out can the first module be from the system using 22 AWG wire?
A: We have operated modules on up to 3000 feet of wire. We commonly run 9 modules on 1000 feet of wire. StarFire allows you to easily and inexpensively have a very large field layout with modules hundreds or even thousands of feet away.
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Q: Can 18AWG 'lamp cord' be used Instead of 22AWG shoot wire to connect between the controller and modules?
A: Yes. However, StarFire is engineered to support 22AWG shoot wire to achieve maximum cost savings and is tuned for the best communications over 22AWG shoot wire.
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Q: How is the system firmware and software upgraded?
A: The current version of StarFire allows the customer to remotely upgrade their firmware from an electronic file supplied by our technical support team. And updates for our PC based application can be downloaded and installed as needed.
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Q: How often do you anticipate that the software/firmware will need to be upgraded?
A: We anticipate that the software/firmware will be upgraded a couple of times each year to add new features and enhancements.
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